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Healthy Parenting, Healthy Kids!

BrightParents has lessons for real moms that is really useful. Take away practical tips that you can start using in minutes and help your child be healthy and happy! The topics you need are presented in a fun-to-watch video that will give the tools to boost your parenting to the next level.

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Growing is Key!

Part of parenting is learning to grow along with your child. BrightParents will help you grow into the challenges that parenting brings with it. And, best of all, you will get to enjoy the process as you watch fellow-parents share their thoughts and past victories.

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Designed to Work

BrightParents is designed around evidence-based practices that have been shown to work and create results. Both the generational insights and the long-term studies come together to make these powerful lessons for you and your child. Check the resources on the fact-sheets - and print them so you have the recommendations easily accessible.

Real Parents

BrightParents are real parents. We know real struggles. This isn't, "Just be kind and all will be OK" advice. Real parenting is messy and gritty, and that is OK. We have been there, done that, and come out of it with a few more wrinkles but also the information you need right now to be the best parent you can be!

Real Solutions

"All you have to do to be a perfect parent is use these three magic words..." If your parenting advice looks like click-bait, don't bite! Real parenting solutions take work, but the reward is a healthy family and a happier home. Our lessons have no magic phrases - just real advice, real help, and real results.

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